Commencing November 4, 2022 23:59

The PRISM team expresses deep gratitude for the community's support over the past few months. As you all know, our long-standing goal has been to launch the HELO blockchain.

PRISM is undergoing maintenance for the time being so we can make the necessary changes to implement the HELO blockchain with PRISM and offer gas-less NFT minting at extremely fast speeds, among other revolutionary benefits. We will send communications to all users when the platform is live again.

PRISM users will be the first to use and participate in this new, revolutionary blockchain and we are so excited and looking forward to the day you can experience it for yourselves.

Additionally, all PRISM users who participated in PRISM x HELO airdrop promotions will receive their rewards as soon as HELO launches to mainnet.

You can signup for HELO directly at

If you have any questions or urgent support inquiries, please email